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About Us

Details Beauty Supply  provides top-notch, great customer support, and prices that can’t be beat! 
We feel that what stands us apart from other beauty suppliers is our focus on the part of the industry that we know best and can supply to you without question. 
We specialize in the nail industry and the money makers of the aesthetics side; pedicures, and waxing. 

Plus, we carry a huge selection of the sundry items all spas and salons demand.

There are four key parts to excellence in customer service in the beauty industry, and we feel we support them all, knowledge, selection, quality, and education.

Knowledge :  To help a Tech purchase a product that they need takes hands-on / studied knowledge of products, techniques and the procedures.  Dinelle and Lynda have over 25 years experience as technicians, educators and salespeople.  We’ve been known to be called the “411” of the industry - an in-depth wealth of all around knowledge.

Selection : There are way too many products in the beauty industry for one supplier to carry them all, but when it comes to selection, Details has most suppliers beat.  We are the largest supplier of Nail Art in Canada !  Whether it be the over 15 different topcoats or the 10 different types of nail adhesive - we stock more styles, types, versions and sizes of beauty products than any other supplier !

Quality :  Selection is nothing without quality - the value of your purchase should be what you expect.  Having the best price is easy, having the best price for the best quality product isn’t.  At Details we try to make sure you receive the best value for each dollar you spend.

Education :  This industry is all about the newest, the latest.  Without the education you need to be successful you will only survive—not thrive !  Education is the key, whether it’s Nail Art, Retailing, Technique Updates, or New Products we have what you need to increase your skills, and in essence your money making potential.

 Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Details Beauty Supply  has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!  With us it’s all about the “details”, hence our name.  Details is the little stuff that you may not notice right away, but quickly becomes the reason why you choose to shop at one supplier rather than another.

An example would be when a supply house is out of a product that you desperately need - and you find out only when the order arrives.  We will let you know when we don’t have an item, try and find another size or type that might suit you.  Whether it’s pulling apart a kit, selling a smaller or larger size at a discount or including a trial of something no charge, we’ll try and make it right !  Although we try very hard not to be out of the items you need, accidents happen—a manufacturer ships the wrong item, a courier runs over our order or we just plumb’ forgot—it happens—now what matters is how we can fix it, for you !