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Can anyone register and shop with your store? 
No, sorry, but we only sell to trained professionals, in the beauty industry, and salons, or spas. You must have some proof of training to be able to register with us or visit our warehouse. In the case of a studio, a copy of your business license.
In the case of a student, you can send us your school permit card or letter from the school, stating that you are enrolled in a program. **We are only able to do approvals Mon-Fri 9-5**

I am already in your computer, as a client/studio do I still have to register on the website?
Yes, but in the notes, you can just let us know that you are a current client. Then we can link your online account to all the history of your original account.

I filled in the registration form -but I can't get in ?
We require proof of training to approve all accounts. If you forgot to hit the link to send the proof of training -do so now.
If you were contacted for a proof of training document... then send it in! Is it late at night or on a weekend? Wait till we are open and you can be quickly approved. Send us an e-mail to track down where your regsitration is at...

Where do you ship? 
We are currently shipping orders throughout Canada. We do not ship outside of Canada.

I placed an order, now what happens?
1.After the order comes in, we will pull the items, to ensure we have the complete order. If our computer lied and we are out of stock, you will be contacted to see if a comparable item is suitable. 
2.We will pack up the order and determine if the estimated freight was correctly charged... sometimes we can save you a few bucks, otherwise you will be contacted if your order's freight was not correctly calculated.
3.The payment will be completed, if you paid with a credit card online, the card was "pre-auth'd" the quoted amount - due to missing stock or freight misscalculations - we do not charge your card until the order is completed and shipping. If you chose to pay by e-transfer - you will be asked to complete the transfer, (within 1 day), to ensure quick shipment of the order.
4.We do our best to ensure orders ship within 24hours of being placed. If an order is placed after 12pm or on a weekend, the clock starts 9am, the next business day. (ie. if you are scanning the site on a Friday Night, and place your order - we won't "see" it until Monday - hopefully it will ship on Monday, but depending on "stuff", it may take till Tuesday to ship.)
5.If your order has shipped via Canpar or Canada Post, you will be sent a tracking number -within 24hours. If you are local to us, the parcel will have been sent via local courier & no tracking will be available.
6. You recieve your order! Please check all the packaging carefully, it is your responsibility to call or e-mail us with any discrepancies, within 3 business days, from package delivery.